Act 1

Act 1 Scene 1
[Outside of Cleminson Hall]
Sampson: Gregory, I don’t put up with insults.
Gregory: You should focus on not getting into trouble.
Sampson: I punch harder when I’m mad.
Gregory: it’s hard to make you mad.
Sampson: Yeah, Montague kids can.
Gregory: {laughing} yeah to run the other way.
Sampson: Someone from there will make me lose it; I’ll take the best path against the wall and leave them with whatever is left.
Gregory: that shows are weak, the weak are pushed around
Sampson: that’s why girls are pushed against the walls. All right then I’ll push them into the middle of the street and the girls against the wall.
Gregory: The fight is between the schools and the people that go to them.
Sampson It’s the same. I’ll be cruel to them as a master sometimes is to their slaves. When I’m through, I’ll be nice to the girls and sleep in their beds.
Gregory: Sleep in their beds? You do mean the girls? Right?
Sampson: They’ll feel me as long as I’m able to stand. Everyone knows I am a pretty piece of flesh.
[Walking past Cleminson Hall]
[ABRAM and another servant of the Montagues enter.
Sampson: I got your back.
Gregory: (snickering) how will you do that Sam, by running the other way?
Sampson: Don’t worry about what I do, okay?
Gregory: No, really, I worry about you sometimes.
Sampson: Don’t start the fight, let them.
Gregory: I’ll look at them as they walk past let them take that whatever way they want to.
Sampson: I’ll give them the finger.
{Sampson sticks up his finger}
Abram: What the hell man, did you just give me the finger
Sampson: I was sticking up my finger
Abram: Are you doing it at us?
Sampson: (Says to Gregory) Would I get in trouble if I said yes?
Gregory: (Says to Sampson) Yes.
Sampson: (To Abram) Not at you.
Gregory: You trying to start a fight?
Abram: NO
Sampson: If you want a fight then I’m your man. I fight as well as you.
Abram: But not better?
Sampson: Well? {Entering Benvolio}
Gregory: (speaking so only SAMPSON can hear) Good. Here comes Benvolio.
Sampson: Sweet.
Abram: Liar
Sampson: Fight us if you’re not scared. Greg don’t forget to hit hard.
[They fight]
Benvolio: Stop, idiots we’re in front of school.
[Enter Tybalt]
Tybalt: What, you fight with losers now. Fight with me, and look at the man that’s going to kick your butt.
Benvolio: Just trying to keep the peace.
Tybalt: Peace? I hate the word just like hell, all Montagues, and you. Fight me coward.
[They fight]
[Enter an officer and three or four citizens with clubs, bats, or night sticks breaking up the fight.]
[Enter old Capulet, in his tux, and his wife, Lady Capulet]
Capulet: What is this?
Lady Capulet: I don’t know, no one’s telling me anything.
Capulet: Well we need to know before the Montagues do.
[Enter old Montague and his wife, Lady Montague]
Montague: Capulet, you… [Lady Montague holds him at her side] let go of me.
Lady Montague: Don’t take another step toward our enemy.
[Enter Prince Escalus, with his train.]
Prince Escalus: [Shouting] You rebels, enemies to peace! You men, you beast. Comfort in spilling each other’s blood. Three times have you disturbed a school’s property if you do it once again than one of you shall be kicked out of school.
[Exeunt all but Montague, and Benvolio]
Montague: Who started this fight? Speak nephew, where you here when it started?
Benvolio: People were all ready fighting when I got there. Then Tybalt showed up and everything went downhill from there.
Lady Montague: Where is Romeo? Have you seen him today? I am glad that he wasn’t at the fight earlier today.
Benvolio: I saw him last night underneath the sycamore grove on the west side. He was walking, I walked toward him and when he heard me he ran.
Montague: He’s been upset lately. He makes artificial nights, he stays in his room, and some days I even catch him with fresh tears in his eyes.
Benvolio: Why?
Montague: I don’t know?
Benvolio: Did you ask?
Montague: Yes, I and some of my friends have asked as well. He doesn’t talk to us. If we could only find out what’s up setting him, we’d be happy to help.
[Enter Romeo]
Benvolio: Look – there he is. Could you give us a moment? He can tell me what it is or hear me repeat the same question again and again.
Montague: I hope he tells you the truth about what’s wrong. [To his wife] Come on honey let’s go.
Benvolio: Good morning, cousin.
Romeo: What time is it?
Benvolio: A little after nine.
Romeo: Time goes slow when you’re sad. Was that my dad that you were with that left in a rush?
Benvolio: Yeah, what’s wrong with you, why are your days longer?
Romeo: I don’t have what makes time fly.
Benvolio: What, in love?
Romeo: Out-
Benvolio: Of love?
Romeo: I love this girl, but she doesn’t love me.
Benvolio: That’s messed up man. Love looks nice, but it’s actually rough in reality.
Romeo: What’s messed up is that love is suppose to be blind, but it makes you do whatever it wants. Where are we eating? [Romeo sees the blood on Benvolio] What happened? Don’t tell me. I’m in love, but the one that I hove she doesn’t love meback. Don’t laugh!
Benvolio: No, I rather cry.
Romeo: Why are you crying?
Benvolio: Because of how sad you are.
Romeo: This is what love does, the sadness sits on my chest and you want to add your own. You frustrate love and you end up with an ocean full of tears. a sweet lozenge that you choke on. Bye Cousin.
Benvolio: I’ll go with you, you can’t just leave me, and it’s rude. Who do you love?
Romeo: You wouldn’t tell a sick man to make his will ‘cause it’ll only make him worse. I love a girl.
Benvolio: I guessed that.
Romeo: Then you were right on target. She’ll not be hit with Cupid’s arrow. From Love’s weak childish bow she lives uncharmed.
Benvolio: She has sworn to live chaste.
Romeo: Yes, she wastes her beauty. She won’t have children.
Benvolio: Forget about her.
Romeo: Teach me how to forget.
Benvolio: By looking at other girls.
Romeo: That will only make me think about her more. Beautiful woman like to wear black mask on their faces to only to make us guess how much beauty lies underneath. Her beauty is like a note telling me where I can see. You can’t teach me to forget. Goodbye cousin.
Benvolio: I will teach you to forget if it’s the last thing I do

Scene 2
Act 1 Scene 2
(At Mr. Capulet’s house)
Paris- Mr. Capulet, I would like to marry Juliet and I was wondering if you would let me.
Mr. Capulet- It is fine with me if you love her, but she isn’t even 18 yet and you are 19. I want you to marry her just wait a couple years so she is older.
Paris- But she is the only girl I love and I want to marry her!
Mr. Capulet- No, just wait and in the meantime get on her good side.
(A servant enters)
Mr. Capulet- (to the servant) here are some tickets I want you to sell to students at Capulet High for the dance.
Servant- Ok no problem.
(Servant and Paris exit)
(Now we are following the servant as he walks down the street)
Servant- (to himself) I hate this. Why does he want me to sell these, it’s stupid. Now I have to walk around and sell these all day.
(Romeo and Benvolio enter and the servant overhears them talking)
Benvlio- Romeo, just forget about Roseline! We need to find a way for you to find you a new girl!
Romeo- I can’t! I love her too much and every time I stop thinking about her I start again!
(Servant walks over)
Servant- Hey guys! Do you want some free tickets to a school dance?
Benvolio- Yeah, sure!
Servant- You do go to Capulet High don’t you?
Benvolio- Ummm, yeah sure we do.
Servant- Ok, here are the tickets.
Benvolio- Thanks!
(Servant exits)
Romeo- We don’t go to Capulet High!
Benvolio- So what? We need to find you a new girl and the dance will be perfect for that!
Romeo- But Roseline will be there and I’ll want to be with her!
Benvolio- So? We’ll make sure you don’t see her and you’ll be fine.
Romeo- Fine I’ll go, but only for to see Roseline because I still love her and think she is the most best looking girl ever.
(Exit both of them)

Act1 Scene3

Lady Capulet: Nurse, where’s my daughter? Tell her to come here.

Nurse: I swear to you to you madam I told her to come. God forbid, where is that girl? JULIET!

[Enter Juliet]

Juliet: Yeah, who’s calling me?

Nurse: Your mother.

Lady Capulet: I’ll tell you --- Nurse, give us a moment; we must talk in private, Nurse come back you’ve heard our secrets once before. You know how Juliet is.

Nurse: Yes. I know her age down to the hour.

Lady Capulet: She’s not even eighteen.

Nurse: I’d bet on my teeth, but I only have four. She’s not eighteen. How long until Lammastide?

Lady Capulet: Two weeks and odd days.

Nurse: Even or odd it doesn’t even matter because on the night of Lammas Eve she’ll be eighteen. It’s been eleven years since the earthquake. Juliet had just stopped nursing from my breast on that day. I won’t forget. You and your husband were gone. She tastes the bitter wormwood on my nipple; she got irritated and started to fight with my breast. The dove house shook with the earthquake. No need to tell me to leave. That was eleven years ago. By then she was able to stand up without any help. She could move all around. I know because she had cut her forehead the day before. My husband God rest his soul, a happy man --- picked her up. “Oh,” he said, “Did you fall on your face? You’ll fall backward when you grow smarter. Won’t you Jule.” I swear she stopped crying and said “Yes”.

Lady Capulet: Enough, please be quiet.

Nurse: I can’t stop laughing that she actually stopped crying and said “Yes”. She had a bruise on her face as big as a Ping-Pong ball. A painful bruise, and she was crying like there was no tomorrow.

Juliet: Now stop, Nurse please.

Nurse: May God pick you to take his hand. If I live to see you get married then I’ll have all of my wishes come true.

Lady Capulet: Marriage is what we have to discuss. Tell me Juliet, how do you feel about marriage?

Juliet: It’s an honor I don’t dream of.

Nurse: An honor! If I weren’t your only nurse, I would say you hadn’t sucked wisdom from the breast that feed you.

Lady Capulet: Well start now. Here there are girls younger then you who have already been made mothers. I was your mother at just your age. Paris wants you to marry him.

Nurse: What a man, a great man as all in the world. Like a sculpted of wax.

Lady Capulet: (to Juliet) What do you think? You’ll see him at our feast tonight. Study his face his face and find pleasure in his beauty. Examine his features and see how they work. Look into his eyes if you are confused. He lacks only a bride to make him complete. Many women think that he’s handsome. You would lose nothing.

Nurse: lose nothing? You’d get bigger by getting you pregnant.

Lady Capulet :( to Juliet) Can you accept Paris’s love?

Juliet: I’ll look at him and try to like him, if he’s likeable. But nothing more then what your permission allows.

Peter: Madam, the guest are here, dinner is served. You are being called for and so is Juliet. Everything is out of control. I have to go tend to the guest. I f you would follow me.

Lady Capulet: We’ll follow you. Juliet, Paris is waiting for you.

Nurse: Go; look for a man who’ll give happy nights to happy days.

Act 1 Scene 4

(Enter Rome, Mercutio, Benvolio, with a few other maskers; torchbearers)

(They have their costumes on for the dance)

Romeo- Are we getting in with our normal excuse?

Benvolio- No, that speech doesn’t work anymore. We’ll go in and dance for a little bit and then we’ll leave.

Romeo- Give me one of the lights. I don’t want to dace I’m still too sad. I’ll wait out here until you guys are done.

Mercutio- No, Romeo, you’re coming in and dancing with us.

Romeo- No I can’t. You’re happy and I am sad and lonely.

Mercutio- Romeo, you are a lover so borrow Cupid’s wings and fly with them!

Romeo- My heart is too heavy to be flying so high like Cupid. Love is too much for me to handle.

Mercutio- If love is too hard for you don’t stand there and take it, get back at love by being rough back at it.

Benvolio- Come on let’s go in and dance!

Romeo- No I’m not going. Let me stay on the outskirts and watch. I’ve never really liked dancing and I’m tired.

Mercutio- Come on, we’ll help you through this and dancing will help you a lot.

Romeo-No, it won’t. And I know we aren’t trying to get in any trouble going to the dance, but it doesn’t seem like that good of an idea.

Mercutio- Well, why not?

Romeo- I had a dream last night… that this dance won’t go well.

Mercutio- Yeah, so did I.

Romeo- Well, what was your dream about?

Mercutio- I dreamt that dreamers often lie.

Romeo-When we are asleep, we don’t lie.

Mercutio- Romeo, we all dream things. That doesn’t mean that they will come true. They are like children’s stories in some ways that they either give you a false emotion of either happiness or sadness. That story can be twisted into whatever mood you want it to have. Your dream meant nothing to you. Dreams aren’t real life and you can’t take them seriously.

Romeo-Hold on Mercutio! You aren’t talking about anything right now.

Mercutio-You’re right. I’m not talking about anything.

Benvolio-Come on you guy’s, if we don’t go now we’ll be too late for the dance.

Romeo-Fine I don’t want to go, but I will. Let’s go!

Benvolio- Alright!

(Everyone exits)

Act 1 Scene 5 first half

Act 1 Scene 5 Part 1
(Helpers come in and start setting up the room)
First Helper-Everyone we have to get ready! Come on everything has to be perfect!
Second Helper-Well you don’t have to be so mean about it.
First Helper-Get everything out of the way, and save me a piece of the marzipan.
Second Helper-Alright we’re ready.
First Helper-You guy’s they want us in the other room.
Third Helper-We can’t be in two places at once you know. Make it fast though.
(Everyone exits)
(Enter Capulet, Lady Capulet, Juliet, Tybalt, Nurse, and the guests)
Capulet- Hello everyone! All your costumes look amazing! Everyone that isn’t dancing get out of the way and let’s get the music going and it’s time to start dancing!
(Music starts everyone starts dancing)
Capulet- Oh sit down cousin we are too old to be dancing. How long has it been since we have been dancing at a masquerade dance?
Capulet Cousin- Well, I guess it’s been about 30 years now.
Capulet-Oh, no it hasn’t. At most it’s been 20 or 25 years since then.
Capulet Cousin-It has been a lot longer than that. His oldest son is 30.
Capulet-You liar! (Lightheartedly) It has only been two years since he was a minor.
(Switch to Romeo)
Romeo- (to a serving man) who of the girls here would want to dance with me?
Serving Man-I’m sorry but I don’t know.
Romeo-Have you seen a girl that is so beautiful that she makes all the others look like nothing? Do you know her? I want to dance with her.
(Switch to Tybalt)
Tybalt-He, over there, is a Montegue. I can tell by the way he’s acting. Why would he dare come here? He can’t be here. I’ll go make sure he leaves.
Capulet-Hey! Where are you going?
Tybalt-He is a Montague, he isn’t supposed to be here!
Capulet- Is that Romeo? Oh yes, it is. Leave him alone, he isn’t doing anything wrong. As long as he isn’t trying to mess up our dance leave him alone he’s just trying to have a good time.
Tybalt-He would get in here somehow, wouldn’t he?
Capulet-Well you can deal with him for a night. Get rid of your attitude and have fun. Who cares if he’s here?
Tybalt-But he shouldn’t be here.
Capulet-You’re a rude boy. Just leave Romeo alone for a night. It won’t kill you to.
Tybalt-Fine I’ll try to ignore him, but if he does anything to mess this up I won’t keep my patience.
(Tybalt exit)