Act 4, Scene 1
[Frair Lawrence and Paris enter]
[Panning on scenery]
Frair Lawrence: On Thursday? That’s soon.
Paris: That’s how my soon to be father-in-law wants it, and I’m not gunna slow him down.
Frair Lawrence: You said you don’t know if Juliet wants to? It’s weird. I don’t like it.
Paris: She’s been really depressed from Tybalt’s death, and I haven’t talked to her much, because there isn’t much room for love when there’s so much sadness. He thinks it’s best to have a quick marriage to stop the sadness. She thinks too much when she’s alone, and being with others may help her heal. Now, do you understand why we have to do this quickly?
Frair Lawrence: Whatever.
[Juliet enters]
Frair Lawrence: Look, here she comes.
Paris: You are happily met, my girl and my wife.
Juliet: That may be, when I’m your wife.
Paris: That "may be" must be, come Thursday.
Juliet: When you’re forced to, you must.
Friar Lawrence: That's true.
Paris: Did you come to confess to the father?
Juliet: If I answer that, I’d be confessing to you.
Paris: [jokes] Don’t tell him that you don’t like me.
Juliet: I’ll confess to you that I love him.
Paris: So will you tell him that you love me.
Juliet: If I do, it will be much more value to say it behind your back, than lying to your face.
Paris: [caring voice] You’ve been crying.
Juliet: These tears don’t show much. It was bad enough before I started crying.
Paris: You’re lying to yourself by saying that.
Juliet: I’m not lying. And what I say, I said to my face.
Paris: But when it’s my face, you lie to it.
Juliet: That may be true because its not mine. [to Friar Lawrence] Are you free, Holy Father, now, or should I come back later?
Frair Lawrence: I am free now. [to him] Paris, can we have some time alone?
Paris: God forbid I’d interrupt such religious devotion!— Juliet, on Thursday morning I’ll wake you early. Goodbye.
[kisses her hand then exits]
Juliet: Please shut the door. This situation is so beyond messed up...! Tell me you’ve come up with a way to prevent this!
Frair Lawrence: Oh Juliet..I already know why you’re in pain. I’m at wits end about it. But I hear you’re forced to, and nothing can change it..I’m sorry, but on Thursday you have to go with Paris.
Juliet: Tell me how I can prevent it! If you can’t help me, I’ll take it into my own hands...[looks around frantically, picks up knife] and with this knife I'll kill myself! God brought Romeo and me together; And you married us, Or my true heart will turn and betray him to take my life and my heart! So please, tell me what else I can do, or I swear I’ll do the unspeakable!
Frair Lawrence: Hold on! Let me think. If you’ve made up your mind to kill yourself instead of marrying Paris, I guess you’ll be willing to try something like death to solve this problem. If you’re up to it, I’ll give you the solution.
Juliet: Tell me! I want to die if you can’t think of something!
Frair Lawrence: Alright, Alright! I might know how to fix this. It’s gunna be tricky, we have to play it out just right...If you have the strength to kill yourself, then you can do this, rather than give into death and sadness. If you think you can, I’ll tell you how.
Juliet: I would do anything so I wouldn’t have to marry Paris, and not cheat on Romeo.
Friar Lawrence: Then go home. Pretend that you actually want to marry Paris. When its time to go to bed, don’t let anyone sleep in your room with you. Then drink this.
[shows her a little vile]
Juliet: What is it?
Friar Lawrence: It makes it seem like you’re dead. That’s part one of the plan. Part two comes in action when Paris finds you “dead”. They’ll lay you in the family burial house, and when night comes you will wake up to Romeo, and you two will live happily ever after. The end.
Juliet: Thank you, Thank you! I’m not afraid.
Frair Lawrence: [gives her the vile] Now leave. I’ll send letters to you two in Mantua!
Juliet: Love give me strength, and strength will give me help! Farewell, dear Father!
[They exit]
Act 4 Scene 2
[Capulet enters with Lady Capulet, the Nurse, and 2 or 3 Servingmen]
Capulet: [gives the First Servingman a piece of paper] Invite all the people on this list.
[First Servingman exits]
[to second servingman] You, go out and hire 20 cooks.
[Second Servingman exits]
We’re not even close to being ready for this wedding, [to the Nurse] Has Juliet gone to see Friar Lawrence?
Nurse: Yep.
Capulet: Hopefully he can help Juliet. She’s too stubborn.
[Juliet enters]
Nurse: [whispers] Look, She’s come from her confession with a happy look on her face.
Capulet: [to Juliet] Where have you been?
Juliet: I was somewhere where I learned being mean to my father is a sin. Father Lawrence told me to beg for your forgiveness. [grabs his hand] Forgive me, Father. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.
Capulet: Tell the Count about what is happening. I’ll make this wedding happen tomorrow morning.
Juliet: I met him at Lawrence’s cell. I treated him as well as I could.
Capulet: I’m glad. [lets go of her hand] This is the way it should be. Alright, go on.
Juliet: Nurse, can you come home with me and help me pick out my outfit for tomorrow?
Nurse: No, not until Thursday. There’s plenty of time.
Capulet: Nurse, go with her. The wedding will be tomorrow at the church.
[Juliet and the Nurse leave]
Lady Capulet: Our supplies will be short for the party.
Capulet: Don’t worry, I will set things in motion. Everything will be okay, I promise. You should go see Juliet. I’m not going to bed yet. I have some other stuff to do first..
[Lady Capulet leaves]
Capulet: Fine. I’ll drive to Paris's house myself to get him ready for tomorrow. I bet Lady Capulet is happy that Juliet will be getting married...
[Capulet leaves]
Act 4 Scene 3
[Juliet and the Nurse enter]
Juliet: [points to some good clothes] Those are my best clothing. Nurse, can I be alone tonight? I have to make a lot of prayers since my life is full of sin.
[Lady Capulet enters]
Lady Capulet: Are you busy, Juliet? Do you need any help?
Juliet: Nope. We’ve figured out my outfit for tomorrow. I just want to be alone now. The Nurse can sit with you tonight. I’m sure you are busy getting ready for this.
Lady Capulet: Good night, Juliet. Get some rest.
[Lady Capulet and the Nurse leave]
Juliet: Good night. Only God knows when we will meet again...[looks at the vile]
Act 4 Scene 4
[Capulet and the Nurse enter, extras in background]
Capulet: Take these keys and get papers out of my office.
Nurse: They want paper and pencils in the Spanish room.
Capulet: Come on everyone, look awake its second hour already. Go get the ink pens and don’t worry about the cost.
[A few extras leave]
Nurse: Go back to bed Capulet you have stayed up all night you do not want to be sick.
Capulet: No, not at all. I have stayed up many nights before for less important things.
[Nurse exits]
[Three or four Serving men enter with food and baskets]
Capulet: What do we have here?
First Serving Man: These are all things for the cooks.
Capulet: Hurry up and get it to them!
[First, Third, and Fourth Serving Men exit]
Capulet: [to the Second Serving Man] You need to get some better papers then these. All of them have rips. Go get Peter, he will show you were the good papers are.
Second Serving Man: [kind of a rude tone] I think that I can get the papers by myself without having to bother Peter.
[Second Serving Man exits]
Capulet:What a funny man. It almost third hour, the band must be coming soon. I hear them on their way down now.
[Music plays offstage]
Capulet: Nurse! Nurse!
[The Nurse enters]
Capulet: Go wake up Juliet and get her dressed. She has a big day today.
[They exit]
[Shows NURSE headed towards car. Car door and Juliet’s bedroom door slam simultaneously. Switches to Juliet]
Act 4 Scene 5
Juliet: What if this mixture doesn’t work? [lies down on her bed] What if Friar Lawrence mixed this to kill me? I’m afraid that this is poison..What if i wake up too early? Will I die of suffocation before Romeo comes? [says quietly before she drinks the vile] I hope everything goes ok..[falls asleep in her bed. Romeo& Juliet montage begins.] I’ll see you soon Romeo… I love you… [Shows hand falling from bed.]
[The Nurse enters]
Nurse: Juliet! Juliet! You need to wake up Juliet!
[Nurse walks into Juliet’s room]
Nurse: Juliet you need to walk up. Juliet! [realizes she’s not moving] Help! Help! Someone! Help!
[Nurse exits to hallway]
[Lady Capulet enters hallway]
Lady Capulet: What’s all this noise about?
Nurse: How could this have happened?
Lady Capulet: What has happened?
Nurse: Look at her! [points towards Juliet’s unmoving body]
Lady Capulet: [Looks into the room] How did this happen!? Call for help!
[Nurse calls Capulet]
Capulet: What's taking so long? Get Juliet over here! She has things to do!

Nurse: [says quietly] She’s dead.
Capulet: No! It can’t be true! Let me talk with her!
[Nurse sighs/cries]
Nurse: A dead person cannot speak! She is cold and all of her Joints are stiff... She’s dead!
Lady Capulet: (Off to the side) Oh my god!
Capulet: [looks shocked]
[Hears music coming from outside again]
[Friar Lawrence and Paris enter with Musicians]
Friar Lawrence: Is Juliet ready to go?
Capulet: Ready to go but never to return. Why did they have to take her now? Juliet is dead.
[Stunned silence]
Paris: I have waited so long for this day, only to see this happen.
Lady Capulet: Why did death have to take her from me?
Nurse: This has to be the worst day ever...
Capulet: My child will be buried and so will my joys.
Friar Lawrence: Don't cry, now the heavens have her.
Capulet: Of all the things that we prepared for today, I was not prepared for this.
Friar Lawrence: I will go in and prepare to take this beautiful corpse to her
[Paris and Friar Lawrence leave]
First Musician I guess we should just put our stuff away and leave.
Capulet: Yes this is a sad occasion. You should head home.
[Capulet and the Musicians leave]