I want to thank everyone that showed up and auditioned for this project. Nothing makes a teacher feel better than seeing students excited about a project or students willing to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. You are all going to be amazing in this production. Please talk with me if you have any questions, but I know that you have what it takes to put on "The Epic Romeo and Juliet Project"!

Cast List for Van Meter and Grosse Pointe South’s Romeo and Juliet
Romeo: Matt Webb
Juliet: Emma Aboukasm
Friar Lawrence: Eric Addy
Mercutio: Antonio Moore
The Nurse:Noelle Present
Tybalt: Connor Gillooly
Lord Capulet: Ardalan Malek
Lady Capulet: Elizabeth Dotson
Lord Montague: Darius Harris
Lady Montague: Arianna Bresnan
Paris: Wyatt Flynn
Benvolia: Elise Bolton
Prince Escalus: Nick McAllister
Gregory: Andrew Cullen
Sampson: Andrew Koehler
Abraham: Jacob Knuth
Friar John: Tighe Rzankowski
Balthasar: Gabe Day
The Apothecary: Shelby Howe
Peter: Aaron Dene

Cast by Directors
Chief Watchman: Shannon Novak
Watchman 2: Daner Hughes
Watchman 3: Matt Strachan
Other Watchmen:
Prince's Attendants:
The Capulet's Group:
Lord Montague's Group:

VM Actors
Romeo: Quintin M.
Juliet: Emily J.
Friar Lawrence: Will S.

Mercutio: Jack J.
The Nurse: Allison R.
Tybalt: Logan
Lady Capulet: Bianca H.
Lord Capulet: Ben E.
Lady Montague: Jordan H.
Lord Montague: Chase W.
Paris: Parker S.
Benvolio: Jake C.
Prince Escalus: Jake E.
Sampson: Ben F.
Gregory: Hayden P.
Abram: Grant H.
Friar John Spencer B
Balthasar: Stephen
The Apothecary: Rachel H.
Peter: Grant W.