The Writers:

Autumnbre Moore
Curt Kronback-
Amanda Shrader
Victor Flynn- all the italisized names will be writing act 3.
Carolyn Stolarski
Daniel Foy- I will be writing act 5.

VM Writers
Will Seiler
Emi S.
Danielle W.
Brenna M.
Caroline M.
Jessie B.
Important Due dates for Writers at Grosse Pointe South.

Each Act has been broken down into 3 parts. Below are the 3 parts for Acts 1,3 and 5.

Act 1

Part 1 - Scene 1
Part 2 - Scenes 2-4
Part 3 - Scene 5

Act 3

Part 1 - Scenes 1 and 2
Part 2 - Scenes 3 and 4
Part 3 - Scene 5

Act 5

Part 1 - Scene 1 and 2
Part 2 - Scene 3
Part 3 - No Scenes due. Please offer tot help other writers or directors.

Due dates for the different parts:

Part 1 - Due Wednesday March 16th

Part 2 - Monday March 21st

Part 3 - Friday March 25th

Ideas for the play by Grosse Pointe South

Ideas for the production
Updated (present day) language
With some of the more important lines kept.
Rival High Schools (Montague High School and Capulet High School)
Private schools run by the parents.
Capulet Party is a School Dance at Capulet High (Maybe someone could get footage of the dance this Saturday)
City: Verona
Rival High School teens fall in love.
Want to get married.
Seniors in High school.
Romeo and Juliet attend feuding schools but fall in love and want to be together. The friar hopes that their marriage can bring the feuding schools together for the good of the community. Romeo and Juliet get married in a secret ceremony by the friar. Tybalt, angry that Romeo crashed their school dance, wants to fight Romeo but kills Mercutio instead. Romeo flies into a rage and kills Tybalt. The Prince, head of all schools in Verona, expels Romeo from all schools in the city because of his crime. Romeo flees to Mantua on the advice of the friar. Friar hopes to bring Romeo back once the charges are cleared and declare the marriage to all. All this time, Juliet’s parents want their daughter to marry Paris, a rich business man who could make their school the best in the land. Juliet refuses to marry Paris and fakes her death. Romeo, not knowing her death was faked, kills himself because he cannot bear to be without her. Juliet finds Romeo dead and kills herself because she cannot be without Romeo. The parents agree to join schools and rename them in their honor and the feud ends with most characters dead.
Prince with be the head of all schools in Verona
The parents will be the head of rival schools.
The friar is still a priest that marries Romeo and Juliet and offers advice to Romeo.
Fight scenes:
No guns
Most of the fights will be fist fights. Knives will be used on occasion.