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This wiki is designed as a place for the students of the project to share their ideas and exchange information. Since we are working on different classes and different time zones, it is important that we stay in contact and help eachother with questions.

Also, we want to make sure we share all of theideas we have to make sure this is the best project the world has seen.

To the left, you will find all of the different parts of the project. Feel free to go to your section and share your information. What are doing? How are you doing it? The teachers will work to keep the wiki updated with the links to your blogs, but we would appreciate it if you would help us and update that information when you have it.

Most of all, we want you guys and gals to have fun. Let your teachers know if you have any ideas or questions.

Here is the packet for the students of Grosse Pointe South I passed out in class.

Important Update for South Students!

Below you will find the dates in which the acts will be filming. Please make sure you are available during these dates so the Acts and Scenes may be filmed.
Actors need to post their availability schedules on their blogs and Directors need a filming schedule by the end of the day Thursday posted on their blog.
See Mr. Provenzano if there are any problems.
Act 1

Wednesday March 23 – Wednesday March 30
Filming act 1 scene 2 and 3 - Friday March 25, 2011 at 5:30-7:00pm @ Anne's House. Email was sent out with directions.

Act 3

Thursday March 30 – Wednesday April 6

Act 5

Thursday April 7 – Wednesday April 13

Filming needs to take place during these days and all filming needs to be completed by April 15th.